Our Values

Quality Experience, Quality Results

The relationship that we maintain with our customers is the most important part of our business. We continuously look for ways to promote and strengthen customer relationships while uncovering new opportunities to grow in our partnership.

We portray professionalism to our clients and co-workers. This includes using the company email system for communication, accurately and honestly tracking billable hours, arriving on time to meetings, eliminating background noise during phone calls, and being responsive in and out of the office. Due to the limited face-to-face interactions inherent in a distributed team, we seek to “over communicate” via email, text messaging, web meetings, etc. and we try to be responsive in our communications even during the weekend or off hours.

We make realistic commitments and then seek to surpass expectations. We seek for ways to resolve problems ourselves instead of passing on the issue to someone else.

We are flexible. We are willing and eager to learn new technologies and utilize techniques to get the job done. Regardless of our personal preferences, we work with your company to create a product that we will both be proud of.

We are software artists. We take pride in our work and make it our personal responsibility to create high-quality software products.